Celebrate Friendship Day and Rakshabandhan with Blue Packets

Tag your friends as Bae Buddy Bro and send them Blue Packets to express your feelings

02 August, 2017: Ahead of Friendship Day and Rakhi, Hike Messenger, India’s first homegrown messaging platform, announced the launch of Bae Buddy Bro, an interactive social experience. Now you can tag your friends as Bae or Buddy or Bro and they will do the same for you. Buddies are friends who are always there for you; Bros are friends who’re almost family; Bae is the one who you love Before Anyone Else. The excitement is to see what your friends think of you and if it’s a match.

Here is how to get started on Hike’s Bae Buddy Bro and send Blue Packets:

  • Open Hike and go to the Me Tab
  • Under Services, go to Bae Buddy Bro
  • Select your profile picture and your gender
  • You can now view your contacts — your friends as well as your friends’ friends
  • Tap on the Bae, Buddy or Bro icons to express how you feel
  • As you tap and choose, so will your friends. See how many think of you as a Bro, Buddy or Bae.
  • If you both choose the same category, it’s a match!
  • Select your match and send them the specially designed Blue Packets

But there’s a catch — you only unlock the names if it is a match. These names will be revealed on the day of the celebration. Buddies on Friendship Day (6 August), Bros on Rakshabandhan (7 August) and Baes on 8 August.

And if it is a match, you will receive free Blue Packets from Hike — two for Friendship Day and one on Rakshabandhan — with a surprise amount, to send to your Best Buddies or your favorite Bros. You can spread the cheer and Blue Packets through your Hike Wallet to all your matches.

Now here comes the best part — right after Rakshabandhan, you can start unlocking who your Bae matches are and start chatting with them — by sending them a Love Blue Packet first. It’s your first date, be sure to send them a nice gift.

The new Blue Packets for these special days are — Friendship, Rakhi and Love. To add to the fun, you can use Hike’s live filters and 54 of Hike’s adorable, stickers to make your messages very personal.

On the launch of this quirky social experience, the Hike spokesperson said, “Hike is a very special place for the youth and we understand their world and how they view relationships. And Blue Packets are a unique and fun way to express feelings with your close ones on these special occasions”.